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Colts vs. Chiefs 2013: Indy gets 'giant win'

Indianapolis took care of business in Kansas City, beating a Chiefs team that looked disinterested.

Jamie Squire

The Indianapolis Colts beat the Kansas City Chiefs 23-7 at Arrowhead Stadium, running their record to 10-5 and proving they can win big games without Reggie Wayne.

Indianapolis held the ball for 38 minutes and 20 seconds, dominating the contest by converting seven of 18 third-down attempts. The Chiefs helped out by missing a bevy of tackles, taking seven critical penalties and turning the ball over four times.

Alex Smith, who had only thrown six interceptions all season before Sunday, tossed two including a game-clincher in the end zone. The only player on Kansas City who didn't take a vacation was running back Jamaal Charles, who ran for 106 yards and a touchdown to go along with 38 yards.

Over at Stampede Blue, Brad Wells talked about how to the Colts showed they have bounced back to become a real contender in the postseason:

This was a giant win for Pagano and the Colts, who have looked more akin to the Texans (2-14) in recent weeks than the Chiefs (12-4). To walk into Arrowhead and wipe the floor with the team that resides there indicates that the Colts have rediscovered their identity.

Over at Arrowhead Pride, Joel Thorman was not impressed with the Colts:

I don't walk away from this game feeling the Colts are so much better than the Chiefs that KC couldn't compete. I felt that the Chiefs beat themselves as much as anything with silly mistakes that they don't normally make. I mean, a taunting penalty? Multiple third down penalties? Four turnovers? These aren't things we've been seeing from the Chiefs throughout the season, so part of me wonders if it's a bit of an outlier game (well, it is the biggest loss this season). The Chiefs probably aren't turning it over four times if they play again, right?

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