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Reggie Bush blames Lions collapse on team chemistry

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The running back chalked the Lions' disappointing season up to a lack of team chemistry.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions choked away a potential division title and will not be going to the playoffs this season. Running back Reggie Bush believes the team's collapse was due to a lack of chemistry in the locker room.

From the Detroit Free Press:

There were certain games where maybe the offense was playing well and the defense struggled," he said. "Then there's games where defense played well and offense struggled. Or there's games - I'm thinking of the Philadelphia game - where special teams just played lights out and offense and defense couldn't really get it together.

"I just think that maybe our chemistry as a team definitely struggled and lacked a little bit - and obviously the turnovers and big plays, making more plays when needed."

Bush signed a four-year deal worth $16 million dollars with the Lions back in March. He piled up 974 rushing yards, 473 receiving yards and six touchdowns while battling various injuries and struggling with ball security. Bush lost four fumbles and was often benched for long stretches after losing the ball.

The Lions started the season 6-3 and seemed to have the NFC North in hand after the Packers and Bears suffered multiple key injuries. They failed to take advantage, losing five of their last six games to fall out of the playoff race. Detroit plays the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday to close out the season. It could be the final game of Jim Schwartz's tenure as head coach of the Lions.

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