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Packers score on bizarre fumble touchdown

What just happened?

The Green Bay Packers scored on one of the oddest plays you'll see all season to take a 10-7 lead over the Chicago Bears.

Aaron Rodgers had his hand hit as he was attempting a pass in the second quarter. The ball bounced out on the turf, where everybody assumed it was an incomplete pass. Packers wide receiver Jarrett Boykin picked up the ball and stood around casually for a moment before realizing the play was still alive, then scampered into the endzone for a score.


Several Bears had a chance to pick the ball up and take it back the other way, but assumed the play was dead.

The refs reviewed the call and confirmed that Rodgers's hand was not moving forward at the time he lost the ball, meaning the fumble and touchdown were upheld.

Here's former NFL Vice President of Officiating and current FOX analyst Mike Pereira explaining why Green Bay was able to advance the ball after the fumble.

All this made the internet explode:


If only one Bears' defensive lineman hadn't had his season cut short by injury...

Of course, this flukey thing led to criticism of Marc Trestman -- including from former Bears:

And some people just bewildered: