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Eagles vs. Cowboys, Sunday Night Football: Live coverage of the big game

Join retired NFL defensive end Stephen White and the rest of SB Nation's NFL crew for live coverage, analysis, jokes and more during tonight's winner-take-all game between the Eagles and the Cowboys.

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Clay Wendler [11:27 PM]:

Clay Wendler [11:24 PM]:

Stephen White [11:24 PM]:

Thanks for coming out, good night!

Stephen White [11:24 PM]:

Tell you what, this one aint on the Cowboys’ defense thats for sure

King in Canada [11:23 PM]:

he’s crushed

Charlie Gebow [11:23 PM]:

Every time I want to feel good for the Eagles, Collinsworth brings up Riley Cooper again. Yeesh

Stephen White [11:23 PM]:

Better pass and that was probably going to be a big gain too

Ryan Nanni [11:22 PM]:

man, PFTCommenter is gonna have a FIELD day.

Navy_Rebel [11:22 PM]:

ok maybe Romo

Navy_Rebel [11:21 PM]:

now you cant blame Romo just the playcalling

Stephen White [11:21 PM]:

Another pass behind his intended target and as well as he has played Orton just threw the Cowboys out of the game and the playoffs

Clay Wendler [11:21 PM]:

Stephen White [11:20 PM]:

The Ghost of Romo…

Charlie Gebow [11:20 PM]:


Stephen White [11:20 PM]:

Quit crying and do some push ups or something Foles

Oh No Romo [11:20 PM]:


Stephen White [11:18 PM]:

Looks like that was Hollomon’s second sack of the game

Mark Ennis [11:17 PM]:

Oh No Romo [11:17 PM]:

Stephen White [11:17 PM]:

Good pressure and sack

Ryan Nanni [11:16 PM]:

NOT IN THE FACE” – Nick Foles

Stephen White [11:16 PM]:

3rd and 4 huge

Charlie Gebow [11:16 PM]:


Stephen White [11:14 PM]:

If they can get a 3 and out the Cowboys should have good field position after the punt

Stephen White [11:13 PM]:

Charlie Gebow [11:11 PM]:

Tony Romo is a touchdown and 2 point conversion away from spending the night listening to the HELL out of some Paramore

Stephen White [11:11 PM]:


Stephen White [11:11 PM]:

QB Draw

Stephen White [11:10 PM]:


Clay Wendler [11:10 PM]:

Stephen White [11:09 PM]:

Its 4th and 9 with the game on the line, Id think you would rather take a time out than screw this up.

Ryan Nanni [11:09 PM]:

Chew those old-ass nails, Jerry. Despite them being made of emeralds.

Stephen White [11:08 PM]:

So much contact but no flag

Charlie Gebow [11:07 PM]:

So no official in this game has an internal sense of time

Stephen White [11:07 PM]:

No review?!

Stephen White [11:06 PM]:

Clock malfunction

Stephen White [11:06 PM]:


Stephen White [11:05 PM]:

Helluva throw and catch Orton to Witten

Oh No Romo [11:04 PM]:

@sgw94 He did, just saw

Stephen White [11:03 PM]:

@Oh No Romo yeah, to fire him. I saw him report it on Fox so he may not have tweeted it out, Im not sure

Navy_Rebel [11:03 PM]:

I hate Dallas. And the Eagles. And snow. And outdoor stadiums.

Oh No Romo [11:03 PM]:

@sgw94 Nevermind. Didn’t see the earlier tweet

Oh No Romo [11:02 PM]:

@sgw94 I thought Glazer said they were meeting tomorrow

Navy_Rebel [11:01 PM]:

As a Saints fan I’m disgusted. Cant we catch a break for once and play Dallas in the post season? I mean, really?!

Stephen White [11:01 PM]:

@Oh No Romo Glazer reported that hours ago I think

Oh No Romo [11:00 PM]:

Well then…

Stephen White [10:59 PM]:

Eagles score. Carter is putting on a truly disgusting display of loafing

Ryan Nanni [10:58 PM]:


Jake Catanese [10:58 PM]:

That Bryce Brown rush was the first time non-McCoy rush for an Eagles RB tonight.

Stephen White [10:58 PM]:

This is an old fashioned ass kicking drive.

Stephen White [10:56 PM]:

Seriously Carter is sleep walking. This is embarrassing to watch.

Ryan Van Bibber [10:55 PM]:

Stephen White [10:55 PM]:

Bruce Carter is out there looking like he is ready to go home. Terrible effort last two plays

Oh No Romo [10:55 PM]:

Clay Wendler [10:54 PM]:

Stephen White [10:54 PM]:

Yes crap on Dez, love on Cooper. Of course

Stephen White [10:53 PM]:

Holloman is making some plays

Oh No Romo [10:51 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Kirk Ferentz nods

Stephen White [10:51 PM]:

Wish they had run it again on 4th and one. Instead Barwin knocks down the pass to force a turnover on downs

Ryan Nanni [10:50 PM]:

Well, there goes that flip of field position.

Stephen White [10:50 PM]:

Sit down and shut up dumb Cowboys fans

Stephen White [10:50 PM]:

Like the run call but Murray is stopped short

Stephen White [10:49 PM]:

Big 3rd and 3 here

Stephen White [10:49 PM]:

Collingsworth chomping at the bit to criticize Dez but unfortunately for him Dez was open

Stephen White [10:48 PM]:

Yeah one catch isnt “emerging”

Stephen White [10:47 PM]:

Miles Austin sighting

Ryan Nanni [10:47 PM]:

@sgw94 Kiko earned every one of his 473 solo tackles this year, sir.

Maxman186 [10:46 PM]:

I got 99 yards and Witten is every one of them

Stephen White [10:46 PM]:

Annnnd Witten limps off

Stephen White [10:46 PM]:

Witten having a great day. Another catch for a first down

Stephen White [10:45 PM]:

So far Kendricks has been credited with 11 total tackles, an int and a forced fumble. Imagine if the Cowboys had Kiko Alonso’s scorekeeper lol

Stephen White [10:43 PM]:

Another nice play call, quick slant to Dez to get them out of the hole

Maxman186 [10:43 PM]:

the sign language has failed the Eagles

Stephen White [10:42 PM]:

He didnt get it on the sneak. Again Dallas D makes a big stop

Charlie Gebow [10:42 PM]:

Feel like there could have been a better playcall there

Oh No Romo [10:42 PM]:

Bold call

Ryan Nanni [10:42 PM]:

Yeah, no way he scored.

Stephen White [10:40 PM]:

Or not. Timeout by Dallas

Stephen White [10:40 PM]:

Eagles blew that 4th down try

Mark Ennis [10:40 PM]:

So who is surprised that despite Orton starting, the Cowboys have still thrown the ball twice as much as they have run it.

Stephen White [10:40 PM]:

Why was he lined up so far off him?

Stephen White [10:39 PM]:

Nice pirate stunt by the Cowboys DLine

Stephen White [10:38 PM]:

Tirckeration with Brad Smith doesn’t work

Ryan Nanni [10:38 PM]:

@sgw94 Needs more Y’s.

Maxman186 [10:38 PM]:

Great for the Cowboys D to drop in for a few plays….but they have to go now

Stephen White [10:38 PM]:

I can just hear Vitale yelling to Garrett GET A TO BABYYYYY

Stephen White [10:38 PM]:

And here comes the defensive collapse from the Cowboys

Stephen White [10:37 PM]:

Wynn comes inside and gives up contain

Stephen White [10:37 PM]:

Looked like unbalanced line there

Ryan Nanni [10:36 PM]:

Jon Kitna’s asking everyone who he needs to talk to to get his parking validated.

Stephen White [10:34 PM]:

His sitting down between the corner and safety, dummy

Maxman186 [10:34 PM]:

@sgw94 Its a conspiracy by NFLuminati

Stephen White [10:34 PM]:

Another shot throw where Orton doesnt give the WR a shot

Maxman186 [10:34 PM]:

@sgw94 Its a conspiracy by NFLuminati

Stephen White [10:33 PM]:

Hey guys, maybe somebody can try to block Kendricks some time today?

Stephen White [10:31 PM]:

@NBSP the unconferenced voting screwed him I think

Stephen White [10:30 PM]:

Cowboys pass rush shows up again forces Foles off the spot and into a throw away

Clay Wendler [10:30 PM]:

Stephen White [10:30 PM]:

Jackson cant get past Carr on a deep ball. Now 3rd down

NBSP [10:29 PM]:

How is Foles not in the Pro Bowl?

Charlie Gebow [10:26 PM]:

@Oh No Romo I see no way this ends badly

Stephen White [10:26 PM]:

I understand not making risky throws in this situation but i get the feeling Orton was gun shy just then settling for the swing pass. Had time to let stuff develop

Ryan Nanni [10:25 PM]:

Defensive battle. Sure, like we all predicted.

Stephen White [10:25 PM]:


Oh No Romo [10:25 PM]:

NORV stays?

Stephen White [10:25 PM]:

Eagles know 2nd and 10 after incomplete pass is run and they are sending errrrbody

Stephen White [10:23 PM]:

Defense was supposed to be the goat tonight

Stephen White [10:23 PM]:


Stephen White [10:23 PM]:

Selvie and Hatcher with the pressure. Hatcher with the FF

Stephen White [10:22 PM]:

Shame that after every play with tight coverage we have to see if theres a flag

Ryan Nanni [10:21 PM]:

Like, have some assistant making balloon animals with a SUPER serious face.

Ryan Nanni [10:21 PM]:

I hope some of the signals Chip Kelly uses on the sideline are just pure bullshit.

Stephen White [10:21 PM]:

So absurd that somebody tried to argue to me that Foles is a pocket passer a few weeks ago

Stephen White [10:20 PM]:

Stephen White [10:16 PM]:

I like that throw even if Dez couldnt haul it in that time. Keep throwing it where he can make a play and sooner or later he will

Ryan Nanni [10:15 PM]:

@sgw94 Getting nearly half the targets, already has 8 catches for 84 yards.

Stephen White [10:14 PM]:

Dont get away from the running game after my compliment!

Stephen White [10:13 PM]:

Witten up the seam. His stat sheet has to be looking nice right about now

Stephen White [10:12 PM]:

Nice play call. Whomever is calling this offensive game plan for the Cowboys is doing the Lawds work

Stephen White [10:11 PM]:

Now these penalties might do the Eagles in

Charlie Gebow [10:11 PM]:

Hey Eagles, maybe you shouldn’t jump offsides on 3rd down. Just thinking out loud

Mark Ennis [10:10 PM]:

Gonna be so great when Tressel coaches the Browns.

NBSP [10:10 PM]:


Stephen White [10:10 PM]:

Kendricks is everywhere

Stephen White [10:09 PM]:

Really? The first stop on the second half might decide the game?!?! SHUT UP COLLINGSWORTH

Mark Ennis [10:07 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Not a good weekend for Miami teams.

Stephen White [10:06 PM]:

Suddenly the Cowboys pass rush comes alive

Stephen White [10:06 PM]:

Then they give up the guts, metaphorically, to McCoy

Stephen White [10:05 PM]:

Nice delayed blitz to get Foles

Stephen White [10:05 PM]:

@Run Home Jack im more surprised they allowed the Jets to score 20

Ryan Nanni [10:02 PM]:

So are we ready to talk about how Miami had a playoff spot in its grasp and scored SEVEN total points in the last two weeks against the Bills and Jets?

Stephen White [9:51 PM]:

Halftime, smoke em if you got em

Stephen White [9:49 PM]:

Bailey hits the FG to make it 17-10. Closer than I would have thought at this point in the game. Dallas still very much in this

NBSP [9:48 PM]:

Why didn’t Dallas let the clock run down before calling the time out? With Desean Jackson returning that could come back to haunt them…

Ryan Nanni [9:48 PM]:

Stephen White [9:47 PM]:

What in hell was that? Either give Dez a chance or throw it elsewhere!

Stephen White [9:46 PM]:

All Jason Witten Everything

Ryan Nanni [9:46 PM]:


Stephen White [9:45 PM]:

Witten has become Ortons favorite target of late. Another first down on a corner route

Stephen White [9:43 PM]:

Orton picks up the first down with a scramble up the middle. Time out

Mark Ennis [9:42 PM]:

Good evening, gentlemen. Apologies for tardiness. I am no Schiano man, clearly.

Stephen White [9:41 PM]:

NBSP [9:41 PM]:

The Cowboys D finally realized that they have a reputation to uphold

Stephen White [9:40 PM]:

And Cowboys go from appearing to be about to score to giving up a TD in lees than a minute of game time

Stephen White [9:39 PM]:

Good night that throw back to Celek

Stephen White [9:39 PM]:

Bad throw behind Witten and Kendricks catches it right after it goes through Wittens hands

Stephen White [9:38 PM]:

And then that happened…

Ryan Nanni [9:38 PM]:


Charlie Gebow [9:38 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Go back in time to the geographic chaos of the NFL in 2001

Stephen White [9:38 PM]:

And the Browns make it official…

Ryan Nanni [9:36 PM]:

Arizona Cardinals probably wondering what they have to do to get a spot in the NFC East.

Stephen White [9:36 PM]:

Another pass to Witten for the first down and the Cowboys are driving heading into the 2 minute warning

Stephen White [9:34 PM]:

Orton doing a really good job with the audibles

Stephen White [9:33 PM]:

Murray is a battering ram tonight

Stephen White [9:31 PM]:

You big dummy Boykin

Ryan Nanni [9:31 PM]:

Well that’s an A-Rod worthy penalty.

Stephen White [9:31 PM]:

Claiborn with a nice stick. Thought he might get flagged for a second. Foles hung Avant out to dry

Stephen White [9:30 PM]:

Wynnwith the sack from left end is having a pretty good game so far

Charlie Gebow [9:29 PM]:

@Oh No Romo Carl Pelini!

Stephen White [9:29 PM]:

McCoy shakes 57 all the way out of the hole. Crazy

Oh No Romo [9:29 PM]:

@Clefo Ahem, Paul Pasqualoni!

Stephen White [9:28 PM]:

Man Foles had forever and still couldnt find anybody. Good by Dalla DLine continuing to work though

Charlie Gebow [9:28 PM]:

@Oh No Romo Josh McDaniels is the hot rumor, but they can do so much worse! Lane Kiffin! Huston Nutt!

Ryan Nanni [9:28 PM]:

Nice night for Avant, the best WR who I constantly confuse for an R&B singer.

Stephen White [9:27 PM]:

No idea why 27 tried to jump that route

Oh No Romo [9:27 PM]:

Well, guess it’s official now.

Stephen White [9:26 PM]:

Smart blitz by Cowboys to get Shady in the backfield

NBSP [9:25 PM]:

Am I the only one who wants to see Orton start tanking so they have to bring in Kitna? Dammit, Kyle, stop interfering with my fantasy!

Clay Wendler [9:24 PM]:

Oh No Romo [9:24 PM]:

So…is Miles Austin still part of the offense?

Ryan Nanni [9:23 PM]:

2nd 8:16

Stephen White [9:22 PM]:

Escobar over the top after catching a pass in the flat for six

Stephen White [9:21 PM]:

Murray is starting to get rolling

Stephen White [9:20 PM]:

Now thats a shot! Orton to Terrance Williams up the seam from the slot

Clay Wendler [9:20 PM]:

Charlie Gebow [9:19 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Look, if you can’t win with a Depressing Hydra of QBs in THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE then you don’t belong

Stephen White [9:19 PM]:

Orton throws the pass behind Witten. Starting to look out of rhythm and off target

Walker Clement [9:19 PM]:

@Run Home Jack To be fair, Chud is to coaching what vegemite is to food.

Ryan Van Bibber [9:18 PM]:

Jimmy Haslam has his best accountants on it

Ryan Nanni [9:18 PM]:

No no, Cleveland, the problem’s definitely the coach. Zero chance it’s you.

Walker Clement [9:18 PM]:

@sgw94 Because even Atlas would need support if he were forced to bear the weight of the Cowboy’s ineptitude on his shoulders.

Stephen White [9:16 PM]:

Why is Rod Marinelli, the Cowboys D Line coach, on a crutch

NBSP [9:16 PM]:

Nick Foles runs 20 yards for no gain

Stephen White [9:16 PM]:

They jumped Desean Jackson

Ryan Van Bibber [9:16 PM]:

Stephen White [9:16 PM]:

Coverage sack

Stephen White [9:15 PM]:

Nice play by Wynn on 2nd down

Ryan Nanni [9:13 PM]:

@sgw94 So THAT’S the one team Matt Flynn didn’t play for this year.

Stephen White [9:12 PM]:

Aw the other day that the Eagles havent had to replace anybody on their 53 man roster since the season started. That is incredible

Stephen White [9:11 PM]:

Witten cant make the catch on third and 2. Pass too low

Stephen White [9:10 PM]:

Philly jumps again on 3rd down smh

Stephen White [9:10 PM]:

Orton will have to take some shots eventually. These dump offs are cool but hard to keep going methodically down the field. Need some chunk plays

Ryan Nanni [9:04 PM]:

You didn’t want to make the playoffs anyways, Dallas. They play the games in cold weather and shit.

Thicknixon [9:04 PM]:

Somewhere in Dallas, Tony Romo is sitting in the corner turning a lamp off, then on. Then off. Then on.

Stephen White [9:04 PM]:

Heath has a big bullseye on his back. Im betting we see the Eagles attack him all game

Stephen White [9:03 PM]:

You gotta be kidding me with that throw and catch

Charlie Gebow [9:03 PM]:

That pass from the Joe Flacco school of blind dumbass luck

Ryan Nanni [9:03 PM]:

Lord that’s just mean.

Stephen White [9:02 PM]:

Excuse me 2nd and 20

Ryan Van Bibber [9:00 PM]:

2nd 15:00
Eagles 3
Cowboys 0

Stephen White [9:00 PM]:

Foles shows off his functional mobility by rolling left away from pressure then hitting Jackson on a crossing route for a first down on 3rd and 20. Wow

Stephen White [8:58 PM]:

Now grounding on Foles

Ryan Nanni [8:58 PM]:

You deserve that grounding penalty for looking goofy as shit, Foles.

Stephen White [8:58 PM]:

That play was on Hatcher. He has to stay in his gap for the cutback!

Stephen White [8:57 PM]:

Shady getting loose up the middle

Stephen White [8:57 PM]:

Good tackle by carter on Cooper on the open field but the eagles convert on third down on the next play

Ryan Nanni [8:54 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Only illegal if he hits the QB. Which would be weird. (Unless he plays for Chicago.)

Clay Wendler [8:52 PM]:

Stephen White [8:51 PM]:

Here goes Collingsworth smh

Stephen White [8:51 PM]:

Rhetorical question, of course it was. But they never call it on offensive guys

Stephen White [8:50 PM]:

Hey isnt that the kind of play where refs are supposed to throw a flag per the offseason rule change?

Stephen White [8:49 PM]:

Was Murray ever down? Looked like he was laying on an Eagles player

Stephen White [8:49 PM]:

Like that they went right back to Murray, this time with a dump off pass which he got a lot of yac on

Pappie47 [8:48 PM]:

Jerry jones have to find some defenders

Stephen White [8:48 PM]:

@Run Home Jack vegas took that wager off the boards lol

Charlie Gebow [8:47 PM]:

@Run Home Jack 1:1. I imagine he’s going to reenact that Eddie Adams photograph on Jason Garrett should things not go well.

Ryan Nanni [8:46 PM]:

Odds Jerry Jones ends up on the sideline by the start of the second half?

Stephen White [8:44 PM]:

Eagles up 3-0 early. At least the defense got a stop, aided by that holding call. Offense has to shake off that turnover and go right back to that same gameplan

Charlie Gebow [8:44 PM]:

A Field Goal? Gimmick offense rabble rabble

Walker Clement [8:43 PM]:

@sgw94 Selvie is what convinced me that Marty Hurney was Neville Chamberlain. Gave up on way too many Poland’s way too early.

Stephen White [8:43 PM]:

3rd and 19 and Foles just about splits the defense for the yardage needed. Instead Eagles have to try a 47 yard field goal.

Stephen White [8:42 PM]:

George Selvie always gives great effort, my goodness

Walker Clement [8:42 PM]:

LeSean McCoy is using butter in literally anything. It isn’t fair to the diabetics on the Dallas defense.

Stephen White [8:42 PM]:

Buuuut its coming back with a holding call

Stephen White [8:41 PM]:

Shady doing Shady things. That dude is unreal in the open field

Stephen White [8:40 PM]:

I dont recognize half of these names for the Cowboys defense

Stephen White [8:40 PM]:

Wheel route got em

Stephen White [8:39 PM]:

Good job by the Cowboys playing the screen

Stephen White [8:39 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [8:37 PM]:

Everyone’s booing Romo out of habit.

Charlie Gebow [8:37 PM]:


Oh No Romo [8:37 PM]:


Stephen White [8:36 PM]:

Of course Murray fumbles, of course

Stephen White [8:36 PM]:

Looked like Orton audibled to that swing pass to Murray. Nice call

Charlie Gebow [8:36 PM]:

This drive is revving up the lawnmower of the Romo media narrative paradigm shift

Stephen White [8:35 PM]:

Very good run/pass balance on this drive for the Cowboys so far

Stephen White [8:35 PM]:

Eagles give up a first down by jumping offsides on defense

Stephen White [8:34 PM]:

That didnt make any sense Collingsworth

Stephen White [8:34 PM]:

Just keep throwing to Dez cuz he will make plays for you Orton

Oh No Romo [8:33 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber

Stephen White [8:33 PM]:

Then an easy throw for Orton on a quick slant to Dez for a nice gain

Ryan Nanni [8:32 PM]:


Stephen White [8:32 PM]:

Good start to the game for the Cowboys running the ball with Murray for about 6 yards. Need a big game from him

Ryan Van Bibber [8:31 PM]:


Charlie Gebow [8:25 PM]:

Will Jon Kitna be added to the prestigious list of “People Kyle Orton has been benched in favor of”?

Stephen White [8:22 PM]:

Kyle Orton time folks