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Redskins, Dan Synder spice up Black Monday with extra paranoia

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Dan Snyder really knows how to make an event out of things.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There's a lockdown in the Washington suburbs. Don't worry, it is not a matter of national security, except for Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins. After firing head coach Mike Shanahan and with no local papers to sue, Snyder had his version of the Plumbers flex the organizational muscle to the press in a display Richard Nixon would have surely loved.

Kent Babb of the Washington Post is reporting from the front lines.

And what's the security issue?

Why is a man already ambivalent toward the First Amendment and racist nicknames really doing this? After watching the team's PR office comb the corners of reservations throughout the West in search of Native Americans not offended by the team's name why would you be surprised?

Babb sums it all up rather nicely with a tweet that applies in Cleveland as well as it does in Washington and places in between:

No word on whether or not RGIII was allowed to enter the building.

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