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Texans vs. Jaguars: Jacksonville scores just before half to lead, 17-7

Each team dominated one quarter, but Houston has momentum entering halftime.

Sam Greenwood

Houston clawed back into Thursday Night Football with a late Case Keenum passing touchdown to cut Jacksonville's lead at the half. A strong start has been whittled away and the Jaguars lead at the half, 17-7.

The Jaguars got out to an early lead on the back of tight end Marcedes Lewis. He caught two passes for 42 yards, including a 13-yard touchdown that extended Jacksonville's lead to 14. Chad Henne had a solid start, but the offense dried up in the second half with the Jaguars managing less than 50 yards in the second quarter. A series of penalties set up a field goal, but the team struggled to move the ball.

Keenum is trying to stake his claim on the Texans quarterback job, hoping he can dissuade the organization from selecting a passer with their guaranteed-high draft pick in 2014. He has been inconsistent this season and continued the trend in the first half. Keenum threw a touchdown to put Houston within one score, then threw an interception with less than a minute left to kill his team's momentum.

It's hard to predict where the game will go. Jacksonville dominated for much of the first half, but struggled in the second and allowed a late touchdown. They are set to kick to Houston to start the second half, giving them a chance to tie the game. Ben Tate is running the ball well, particularly in short-yardage situations while Keenum is playing well outside of his interception. It should be a fascinating second half from Jacksonville with draft standing on the line.

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