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Lions and Eagles and fumbles, oh my!

Unbelievable snow in Philadelphia is leading to the strangest game of the weekend.

Snow has blanketed Lincoln Financial Field and the normally dome-covered Lions are finding it nearly impossible to play in the conditions. Just over 10 minutes have passed in the first quarter, and Detroit has fumbled four times.

The first turnover occurred when running back Joique Bell had the ball punched out by Connor Barwin. An official review was required to determine whether the ball came out early, and even with the assistance of replay it was difficult to determine when the ball came loose.


Quarterback Matthew Stafford is having the most trouble. He has fumbled the snap three times, but managed to regain control on each fumble. Passing the ball is a liability for both teams, but Stafford is doing a better job throwing -- completing three passes for 36 yards.

It's unclear how either team will score. Two potent offenses are being derailed by the heavy snow, and offensive players are struggling to see the ball.

Lions vs. Eagles: Fumble tracker

1. M.Stafford FUMBLES (Aborted) at DET 16, and recovers at DET 16. M.Stafford to DET 17 for 1 yard (D.Ryans).

2. M.Stafford FUMBLES (Aborted) at DET 40, recovered by DET-J.Bell at DET 39. J.Bell to DET 39 for no gain (C.Barwin).

3. M.Stafford FUMBLES (Aborted) at PHI 43, recovered by DET-A.Fluellen at PHI 44. A.Fluellen to PHI 44 for no gain (B.Logan).

4. J.Bell left tackle to PHI 20 for 8 yards (C.Thornton). FUMBLES (C.Thornton), RECOVERED by PHI-C.Barwin at PHI 20.

5.  J.Bell left tackle to PHI 10 for no gain (C.Barwin). FUMBLES (C.Barwin), RECOVERED by PHI-P.Chung at PHI 9. P.Chung to PHI 9 for no gain (J.Bell).

6. M.Stafford FUMBLES (Aborted) at PHI 24, RECOVERED by PHI-M.Kendricks at PHI 40. M.Kendricks to PHI 40 for no gain (M.Stafford).

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