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Tom Brady, refs save Patriots from indignity

The Browns almost beat the Patriots ... almost.

You knew it was probably too good to be true, that the Cleveland Browns and Jason Campbell would stun the New England Patriots and former Browns coach Bill Belichick. And it was.

Cleveland led 26-14 in the fourth quarter. Tom Brady and the Patriots then engineered a quick drive with less than two minutes left that ended with a Julian Edleman touchdown. Then it was time for the onside kick. It worked.

On the ensuing drive, on first-and-10 from the Cleveland 30-yard line, the refs called a dubious pass interference call on the Browns.


That put the Patriots at the one-yard line with 35 seconds left. But Brady and Co. didn't need 35 seconds. He hit Danny Amendola on the right outside corner of the end zone for a touchdown.


The two-point conversion failed, but the damage was done. Cleveland's upset bid ended thusly, in the most Browns way possible.

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