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Seahawks vs. 49ers 2013: San Fran gets 'feel good' win

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San Francisco strengthened its playoff position with a huge win over its chief rival.

Brian Bahr

The San Francisco 49ers topped the Seattle Seahawks 19-17 at Candlestick Park on Sunday, keeping Seattle from celebrating an NFC West crown on their field.

San Francisco trailed 17-16 with under a minute to play in the contest, but was able to earn the crucial victory with a 22-yard game-winning field goal by Phil Dawson. The 49ers improved to 9-4 on the season, keeping them in the NFC's No. 6 seed, one game ahead of the Arizona Cardinals.

Frank Gore had a slow start to the game but came on strong, finishing with 110 yards on 17 carries thanks to a 51-yard scamper on San Francisco's final drive. Anquan Boldin had a terrific showing, catching six passes for 93 yards. Colin Kaepernick was average, completing 15 of 29 passes for 175 yards with a touchdown and pick.

Over at Niners Nation, James Brady wrote about the tough, hard-earned win:

It sure does feel good to get that win, doesn't it? When everyone is hyping up the Seahawks so much, it makes me want to hate them. I still don't, not like the hate I have for a team like the Dallas Cowboys or someone similar, but this game did have me fired up by kickoff. Which is weird, because as a defeatist, I expected the 49ers to lose this game.

They didn't. It wasn't pretty, and I'm going to charge headlong into the cliche of "ugly win." To beat a team like the Seahawks down the stretch it has to be ugly. There's no such thing as a clean win at this stage in the game. Players are hurt, coaches are at their wits' end, fans are nearing the tipping point of alcohol poisoning and the referees may literally be asleep for large portions of the game.

Seattle remains in great shape, sitting at 11-2 and in control of its own destiny. The Seahawks only need two wins to clinch home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

Russell Wilson played a solid game, going 15 of 25 for 199 yards along with a touchdown and interception. Marshawn Lynch was held in check, gaining only 72 yards on 20 carries.

Danny Kelly of Field Gulls wrote about his thoughts on the defeat:

This ended up being a defensive grudge match that was mostly characterized by horrific and/or tickytack calls by the officials benefiting both teams. I actually have no concept of which team actually played better - it seemed as though Seattle had the edge in the first half (even though they trailed) but the Niners owned the fourth quarter, which was obviously important - but the seemingly constant barrage of questionable flags really slowed the game down and brought back potentially big plays for both teams. Annoying.

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