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Brandon Marshall arrives for frigid Monday Night Football in mesmerizing outfit

This is about as bold a fashion statement one can make when it feels like zero degrees out.

When it comes to flashy pre/postgame outfits, the NFL is significantly lacking compared to the NBA. But Brandon Marshall did his best to make a statement on a blistering Monday night in Chicago, showing up in this mesmerizing double-breasted number, with similarly-toned gloves and bow tie. While much of the pre game discussion is on the retirement of Mike Ditka's number, this has been the most interesting moment in the lead-up to MNF (via CJZero):

It's not Russell Westbrook territory, but it's hard to get real eccentric when it's 16 degrees out but feels like -1 thanks to some brutal Chicago wind. The temperature, as you'd expect, is supposed to drop as the night progresses.

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