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Cowboys should play in their coldest regular season game ever in Chicago

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Report: it's cold in Chicago.

The fact that it's cold in Chicago on December 9 is not much of a surprise. But this is a different kind of cold that the Cowboys will be facing on Monday Night Football, with temperatures in the area dipping below 15 degrees and with wind chill conditions making it feel below zero.

According to those shivering on scene, it is now officially the coldest regular season game that the Cowboys have ever played. The coldest regular season game that America's team was previously involved in hit 16 degrees, according to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News.

The bad news for Dallas is that the temperature continues to drop significantly as the night progresses. An hour before kickoff, it was 16 degrees out and felt like -1 with with wind chill factor. By 8:30, just minutes before kickoff, listed the temperature in Chicago at 12 degrees with a -4 wind chill factor.

No matter how far the temperatures dip, it still won't touch the coldest game Dallas has ever been a part of -- the infamous Ice Bowl in Green Bay. That 1967 NFL Championship game hit -13 degees at kickoff. It's not that bad, but it will still be a new regular-season low for a Dallas team trying to keep pace with the Eagles in the NFC East.

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