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Super Bowl squares template, how to play online and more

Squares can make any game fun, no matter who's playing or watching. This is especially true for the Super Bowl.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This Sunday, Super Bowl parties will spring up all around the United States, as the San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens and incredibly-hyped commercials capture the country's attention for an evening during Super Bowl XLVII. People eat, drink and treat it generally as any other major holiday. The Super Bowl, however, differs in one crucial element: Party games.

And arguably one of the most popular games to play is squares. Squares begins with an empty 10 x 10 table -- much like this one, via -- with one team claiming the rows, the other taking the columns. The numbers 0 through 9 go on the outermost row and column, and everyone playing proceeds to put their initials in each square on the table until it's full.

After each quarter of the Super Bowl, the winner is the person who has the square that holds the last number in each team's score. As Nick Jaroszewicz, Anthony Zonfrelli and Harry Chiel of The Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective write in an insightful post on squares and squares-related strategy, some squares are better to initial than others. The numbers can also be written out randomly, to avoid any advance strategies, but hey, that's probably best left up to the party host or something.

Here, via, is another squares template, but with team logos! Enjoy your parties, everyone.