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Super Bowl 2013: Jim and John Harbaugh square off in joint press conference

The Harbaugh brothers held a joint press conference Friday morning, just hours before they start their final practices of the week.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Jim and John Harbaugh held their first press conference together on Friday morning, just two days before their respective teams face off in the Super Bowl.

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For the most part, the brothers acted as they always do. John, dressed in suit and tie, was more outgoing and jovial with the reporters. Jim was his usual reserved self and seemed content to let his brother do most of the talking.

There weren't many enlightening questions and therefore not many enlightening answers (when a reporter asks whether they will have a post-game handshake or bear hug, you know you're not getting Frost/Nixon here). John did reveal that the two almost worked together back at Stanford but the timing didn't work out. Asked if he would like to coach with Jim one day, John answered, "Yeah, definitely."

Jim talked about his days playing under Mike Ditka and referred to them as his "signature days," but otherwise didn't have many groundbreaking revelations to share. The duo also confirmed that they don't swap any industry secrets during the season, with Jim saying, "I can't think of anything that would give me an advantage that we talked about."

Perhaps the "highlight" of the presser was when the brothers were asked about "philosophical commonalities." Jim replied, "I'd be hard pressed to spell philosophical right now" and John shot back, "I know we couldn't spell commonalities."

It was an oasis of spontaneity in a desert of canned cliches and obligatory Katrina references.

Afterward, the brothers shared a lovely photo op with father Jack and mother Jackie next to the Lombardi trophy. In two days, one of them will be holding it in triumph. The 49ers and Ravens will be holding their final practices of the week shortly.