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2013 Super Bowl: Law enforcement agencies preparing for game day

Numerous law enforcement agencies are preparing for the big game on Sunday, and they're working hard to make sure the Superdome is a safe place.


As the 2013 Super Bowl approaches, law enforcement agencies both local and federal are preparing thorough security measures intended to make sure that the game goes off without a hitch, CBS News reports. The preparations include 70 agencies, and extend as far as the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

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FBI agents are tracking any potential terrorist threats to the game, while 1,200 New Orleans police officers are preparing for 12-hour game day shifts. And the NFL has its own security department, which is led by Jeff Miller. The league hired 4,000 private security guards for the big game, and it has customs agents to examine any cargo that enters the Superdome.

"There's so many different steps -- from walking through metal detectors, to pat downs, to X-rays, to canine explosive teams," Miller said to CBS News.

Officials are trying to prepare for every security threat they can think of, including a potential terrorist attack from the air -- a temporary no-fly zone that extends for 30 miles around the stadium will be put in place on Sunday.

If all goes as planned, the Superdome will be a safe environment for fans and players alike during Super Bowl XLVII.