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Super Bowl 2013: Roger Goodell talks player safety

Player safety was a popular topic during Roger Goodell's press conference in New Orleans on Friday.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with media members Friday to discuss a number of different issues within the league, and not surprisingly, player safety was a popular topic.

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When asked what the NFL could do to help cut down on injuries in the future, Goodell said that coaches and players need to "focus on getting back to the fundamentals of tackling" and avoid leading with the head. Goodell said he wants to "take the head out of the game" and added that players leading with the head seemed to be less common in the past.

Goodell also addressed low blocks, such as the one that ended Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing's season in October. The NFL reviewed that block, ultimately levying a fine for it, and Goodell said that the league will review all low blocks in the future. That's just one more area that he says the NFL is trying to improve the safety of its players.