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Super Bowl 2013: Niners Nation confident San Francisco can win

The crew around San Francisco blog Niners Nation has churned out a lot -- a lot -- of top-notch content, including some analysis of how and why they think their team will win Super Bowl XLVII.


A little bit over 48 hours until the Super Bowl, and needless to say, its an exciting time for the crew over at Niners Nation, who are not just enjoying the moment, but pumping out tons of awesome content.

Here's a sampling of what they've put together over the past two days -- seriously, its just a sampling, go check out the site for yourself.

- A breakdown of the Super Bowl press conference between the Harbaugh brothers -- they're still brothers -- which despite the typical fluff, actually showed something to David Fucillo:

I was fascinated by the 180 shift of Jim Harbaugh. Over the first four days of the week, Jim has actually been quite the media darling. He was prickly at times during the regular season, but during Super Bowl week, he's been firing off stories, dropping quips and quotes, and generally enjoying himself. Today, that was not the case at all.

- Randy Moss said he was better than Jerry Rice. Is he? Fucillo interviewed former NFL head coach Brian Billick, who had coached Moss early in his career.

Billick quickly pointed to the numbers, the rings and so forth as to why Jerry Rice was the greatest wide receiver in NFL history. However, he then followed with a hypothetical: Who would you take if you could have one guy at the absolute height of his abilities. His idea was that if you could have all of Moss' freakish natural talent, combined with the times he did show the necessary mental side of things and was on board with the program, Moss might be that guy.

- The site exchanged questions with Ravens blog Baltimore Beatdown, which is also doing a great job leading up to the big game:

NN: What is the best way to deal with Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin? Beyond those two, are there other specific credible threats in the Ravens passing attack?

BB: The Ravens receivers and QB Joe Flacco have trouble with both the Cover 2 as well as press coverage. Knocking Torrey Smith off his pattern slows him down and Boldin is not the fastest and therefore tends to have problems breaking away from physical coverage. However, tight end Dennis Pitta is quietly becoming a matchup nightmare and has hands of glue, as well as becoming Flacco's go-to receiver in crunch times as well as near the goal line.

- Blogger Dylan DeSimone tackled the question of who the 49ers' offensive MVP is. It was put up to a vote, and the first candidate was an obvious one:

Colin Kaepernick: This is one of the obvious choices for offensive MVP. He was the final piece that really lit a fire under this unit. He's been able to provide dynamism from the QB position while utilizing his corps of weapons on offense. His athleticism has also allowed the team to open up the playbook. Now, the 49ers are a threat to score 30 and 40 points a game.

- Disimone also broke down how the 49ers can best attack the Ravens in a three-part series, focusing on the Niners' defense in Part III:

San Francisco's defense has success against teams when they shut down the run and make offenses one-dimensional. When teams get behind and are forced to keep throwing, that's when the 49ers' pass rush heats up and they can put the clamps down.

- Some have harped on just how motivated Ray Lewis is. One Niners blogger thinks that's a myth:

When the San Francisco 49ers meet the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday, the game will be decided on the field by men and off the field by coaches. There is no extra motivation, no outside inspiration; no burning fire of a greater intensity to tap into.

- Lastly, Fucillo took to video and said why he thinks the 49ers will win on Sunday: