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Super Bowl 2013: Baltimore Beatdown reminisces, looks forward

Baltimore Beatdown remembered going to the only previous Super Bowl in Ravens history and focused on some matchups between the teams going forward.

Scott Halleran

January was a record month for Ravens blog Baltimore Beatdown - let's look at some of the content they've been producing with just two days to go before the Super Bowl.

- Ravens blogger Bruce Raffel has been comparing the different positional breakdowns between the two teams. He broke down each team's running game, and the surprising importance of the tight end on each team:

Make no bones about it, both Dennis Pitta and Vernon Davis are among the best in the league at their positions and can definitely be the deciding factor in a game with so many other stars getting a lot more attention.

- Raffel reminisced about the two Super Bowls he's attended, including the Ravens' only appearance - and win:

On game-day we went to the Ravens bar with signs, one saying "Will trade wives for two tickets." A Baltimore TV station saw it and put me on TV, which my wife's sister saw and called her, prompting her to call and yell at me, slamming down the phone.

- If you've had enough of actual analysis: Raffel broke down the Zodiac signs of various players in the game:

We’ll start with the San Francisco 49ers. QB Colin Kaepernick, a Scorpio, can be described as magnetic and charismatic (Did you hear about Kaep treating the press to pizza on media day?), but his results vary when matched up with two of his best receivers, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis. Notably, his charisma can border on arrogance (Ahem).

- It probably won't be hard to find places to find the Super Bowl in Baltimore, but the site broke down the most popular places per Foursquare.

- Readers were disappointed with fines Ed Reed has received - as is Reed.