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Rob Gronkowski shouts 'DINGBAT' and other words into a megaphone

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The Patriots' tight end is in New Orleans for the Super Bowl, and he brought a megaphone with him.

Rick Stewart

There's something about the combination of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and the city of New Orleans that just makes sense. The Big Easy is widely regarded as one of America's most fun cities, and Gronkowski has spent his three seasons in the NFL solidifying his reputation as pro football's preeminent party boy. Together, this could be the recipe for a lot of trouble, or at least a few viral videos chock full of shenanigans.

Today, we have the first bit of evidence for the latter. In New Orleans for the Super Bowl, Gronk hopped aboard a stage armed with a megaphone and took to shouting random words for seemingly no reason whatsoever. One of those words was, of course, "BRO-HAHA":