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49ers practice report: Jim Harbaugh preaches normalcy, routine

The 49ers finished practice for the week by working indoors and pumping in crowd noise.

Christian Petersen

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has aimed to keep things normal for the team -- even if Sunday's game is the furthest thing from normal.

With Super Bowl XLVII just two days away, Harbaugh said he was pleased how his team performed in practice this week. The team kept to its normal practice schedule, but the 49ers even shaved off 40 minutes of practice time through the week.

"We got everything done we normally do," Harbaugh told a reporter after practice. "There were only one or two repeats. The whole tempo was good in and out of the huddle and that might reflect that the most. There was good attention to detail and a crisp tempo."

The team practiced indoors Friday to acclimate to dome conditions, Harbaugh said. The team also pumped in crowd noise on every side of the ball.

"Normally, we would use the noise for just one side of the ball," Harbaugh said. "If it's a home game, we'd use it for the defense. If it's a road game, we'd use it for the offense and special teams. But this is a neutral site."

Harbaugh said Colin Kaepernick has handled the run up to the Super Bowl as well as possible.

"Exemplary," Harbaugh said of his first-year starter. "That's the way he always is since we've known him. This is always the way he handles himself -- A plus, plus. He's very focused on the game plan. He's ready to go."

The 49ers listed 11 players on their injury report, but all 11 are probable for Sunday's game. Linebackers Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith were limited Friday but will play, Harbaugh said.

The 49ers will play the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday in New Orleans.