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Matt Hasselbeck partners with Reebok for head injury research

The Titans quarterback and a former NFL linebacker are working with Reebok to help promote a new product.

Tom Szczerbowski

Tennessee Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has teamed up with Reebok to promote a new tool to help identify the severity of hits to the head, according to Craig Peters of

Hasselbeck is promoting CheckLight, a skullcap athletes would wear underneath their helmets that would indicate the severity of hits to the head:

The CheckLight will have a green light, a yellow light and a red light embedded into a skull cap made by Reebok that football players and athletes from other sports like hockey and lacrosse can wear under their helmets. There are also plans to imbed the technology in headbands for other sports such as basketball and soccer.

The light is designed to turn from green to yellow after a moderate impact and to red after a more severe impact. The product will essentially be another set of eyes on the sideline to assist diagnosis.

Hasselbeck is promoting the tool with former linebacker Isaiah Kacyvenski, who played with Hasselbeck in Seattle. Kacyvenski suffered seven diagnosed concussions during his seven-year career, which has prompted him to promote the CheckLight. Kacyvenski said his last two concussions were so bad he "couldn't function on the field."

Hasselbeck has also had multiple concussions. His last came in 2009, and the work done by the team to make sure he was OK to play again was extensive, he said.

CheckLight is scheduled to be released this spring. It was developed by Reebok and MC10, whose mission is to "extend human capabilities by making high-performance electronics virtually invisible, conformal, and wearable," according to its website.