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Cowboys look to Seahawks for defensive inspiration

Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin likes how Seattle's defense performed in 2012.

Stephen Brashear

New Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin hasn't been shy in saying what he wants his 2013 defense to look like.

For inspiration, just look north.

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Kiffin has been telling players to watch film of the 2012 Seattle Seahawks, according to Jon Machota of the the Dallas Morning News. Defensive lineman Jason Hatcher and cornerback Brandon Carr have both said Kiffin told them to do just that to get an idea of what next year might be like:

"He said the exact same thing," Carr said on 105.3. "I kind of asked him what our philosophy and what the look of our defense was going to be, and as a prime example he said, ‘Go see Seattle film and you'll probably learn a lot from those guys and just watch how they move on the field.' That's some homework for me to do for the next couple of weeks."

And why shouldn't they be like the Seahawks defense of 2012?

That unit was impressive. It was fourth in the NFL in total yards allowed (4,899) behind only Pittsburgh, Denver and San Francisco. And it was No. 1 in points allowed per game at 15.3. That category wasn't even close, with the second-best team -- San Francisco -- checking in at 17.1 points per game.

Meanwhile, Dallas could learn a thing or two from Seattle's defense. The Cowboys finished 19th in yards allowed (5,687) and 24th in points allowed per game (25.0).

According to Machota, both Hatcher and Carr "liked the aggressiveness that Seattle showed."