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Rick Perry wants Chargers to move to San Antonio

Texas Governor Rick Perry would love for the San Diego Chargers to come to San Antonio if things don't work out in California. There's no indication that a deal is in the works, though.

Ronald Martinez

Texas Governor Rick Perry was in California this week in hopes of bringing some new jobs to the Lone Star State, and he's made it clear, that if things don't work out for the Chargers in San Diego, the Alamo Dome in San Antonio would be more than accommodating should they decide to make a move.

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Perry is linked to the Chargers owner Dean Spanos as he helped spearhead Perry's fundraising efforts during his 2012 presidential campaign. Perry was interviewed by the U-T San Diego and said that he'd be more than happy if the Chargers made a move to Texas, though nothing is in the works:

"You'd have to ask the Spanos family. Dean is a good friend and I would be lying if I didn't tell you, come to Texas and we would love to have their athletic club there," Perry said. "But there's a family whose been there forever. If it gets so difficult for them to be able to operate, that's always an option, but again you'd have to ask them. I have no indication that the Chargers are going to be coming to Texas anytime soon."

Spanos has asked the city of San Diego for a new stadium to replace Qualcomm Stadium, which opened as San Diego Stadium in 1967, making it the fifth-oldest stadium still used by an NFL team. It's currently unclear, though, whether or not San Diego will budge.

Many have questioned whether or not the Chargers would make the move to Los Angeles, but a move to San Antonio could make sense as well. The Alamo Dome was opened in 1993 and is much newer than Qulacomm Stadium and it has the capacity to hold 65,000 fans for a football game, which is about 5,000 less than the Chargers' current home capacity.

If the Spanos family decides to uproot and move the Chargers from San Diego, a move to San Antonio wouldn't be a huge shock. The stadium is there and waiting for an NFL team and Texas certainly has the space for three teams.