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Super Bowl XLVII available in All-22

CBS and the NFL are all about showing fans the ultimate view, and they believe that will happen with the myriad angles provided.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl XLVII will be seen by millions around the world, whether they are a hardcore fan or casual observer. This isn't news.

What is news is the Super Bowl will be seen in a new way this year, according to Jason Kint. CBS will be offering the All-22 angle of the game available with DVR on video player.

The All-22 view is basically coaches film, the same view used in the NFL meeting rooms to break down every player's move. If you are a fan who can't get enough of the NFL, this is absolutely the ultimate viewing experience.

With every passing year, it seems the networks and league are coming up with different ways to show the fans a different side of the game. The All-22 feature keeps in that tradition, with the footage being shot from the top of the stadium, both on the side and in the end zone.