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Super Bowl tickets: Prices remain high on Super Bowl eve

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Ticket prices remain high for Super Bowl XLVII with little more than a day to go until kickoff.

Christian Petersen

Kickoff for Super Bowl XLVII is a mere 32 hours away and fans who want to catch the game live at the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome in New Orleans still can -- for a price.

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According to TiqIQ, fans can get in the door at the SuperDome for as little as $1,300, though you'd better bring your binoculars if you're going to purchase those seats. Unfortunately for fans, the $1,300 for an upper tier, nosebleed seat constitutes a slight raise in prices compared to Friday, when tickets could have been had for $1,132.

If you want a better seat, it'll cost you -- and in this case, it'll cost you much more. Fans can purchase second-row seats in section 227, which is nearly a corner-endzone section, for $3,816 each. Alternatively, you can purchase a 22nd-row seat in section 115, on the 40-yard line, for $4,056 -- which doesn't seem like an awful deal, relative to other prices.

Still, ticket prices remain high on the eve of the Super Bowl, and figure to remain that way until kickoff.