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Super Bowl 2013: The 49ers are heavy favorites and for good reason

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The 49ers are going to win Super Bowl XLVII, says every statistic ever.


The San Francisco 49ers are near sure bets to win Super Bowl XLVII, if you believe the crack staff at Niners Nation. They crunched the numbers, broke down the film and in a completely unbiased way (or at least an attempt to be unbiased) came up with 10 reasons the 49ers are going to beat the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday and claim their sixth Super Bowl.

1. San Francisco has a better team and better pass defense than Baltimore according to DVOA, and such teams have won two-thirds of the Super Bowls since 1991.

This is math. Fun fact about math: math never lies.

2. Baltimore's favorite offensive personnel group keeps San Francisco's best defensive personnel group on the field.

The Ravens love their two backs, one tight end personnel, which is good and all, except the run out of it a lot. You don't want to run the ball against the 49ers' base 3-4 defense, which they will be in every single time Baltimore goes to their favored grouping. Advantage, San Francisco. In fact, super duper advantage, San Francisco.

3. Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce are unlikely to break any long runs.

If you can't gash the 49ers for a couple big plays in the running game, you might as well throw in the towel.

Obviously, there is a reason they play the game. After all, reason No. 1 just says the 49ers have a 66 percent chance of winning. But there is no doubt who the favorites are and San Francisco has seven more reasons to be very, very confident.