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2013 Super Bowl: Astronauts to watch the big game in space

Astronauts at the International Space Station will watch Super Bowl XLVII live, via NASA Mission Control.


There are many things that you have to give up if you elect to become an astronaut. When you're in space, you don't have things like fresh air, fresh food or a consistent day and night cycle. But one thing you won't have to sacrifice? The Super Bowl.

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As noted by, NASA's Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston will beam the Super Bowl XLVII matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens live to the International Space Station.

According to the post, the astronauts asked for it. Currently, there are six astronauts on the space station: Americans Kevin Ford and Tom Marshburn, Canadian Chris Hadfield and Russians Evgeny Tarelkin, Oleg Novitskiy and Roman Romanenko.

It's a pretty cool thing for NASA to do, and a testament to just how huge the Super Bowl has become. Maybe American football isn't the hugest sport in other countries around the world, but the Super Bowl itself always does well in overseas ratings.

Still, one has to think the two Americans were the first to ask about getting an opportunity to watch the big game. As to whether or not they'll throw a party or play some floating two-hand touch, that's up in the air. As noted in the link, the space station is only about the size of the field that the game will be played on.