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2013 NFL combine: Big butts matter for offensive linemen

In the world of NFL linemen, it's always nice to have a large rump.

The NFL Scouting Combine makes for some uncomfortable moments, with large men in tight outfits running with slow motion cameras clicking away.

One example of this pure awkwardness is the constant excitement of grown men when they see an offensive or defensive linemen with a large backside. Mike Mayock is on NFL Network, and he highlighted this point Saturday morning by exalting "See that big butt?"

Every general manager and scout wants to see a large rear end for a few reasons, the main one being power. A big butt says that the lineman has good lower body strength that can really help with push in the trenches.

Another reason is explosion off the line of scrimmage. While upper body strength is terrific, all the leverage a lineman needs is created from the waist down.

And that's the bottom line.

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