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2013 NFL Combine: John Simon on his shoulder and versatility

Former Ohio State defensive lineman John Simon addressed questions about his shoulder and his ability to play multiple defensive positions at the NFL Combine on Saturday.


INDIANAPOLIS -- Former offensive lineman John Simon addressed the media at the 2012 NFL Combine at one of the several tables surrounding the three podiums on Saturday. He answered questions on his shoulder and on his versatility when it comes to his ability to play multiple defensive positions in the front seven.

The injury, which he suffered during practice at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., was recently fixed with a simple surgery that Simon referred to as "cleaning it out." He said he won't be working out at the combine, but hopes to be able to work out fully during Ohio State's Pro Day on March 8.

"I had surgery two and a half weeks ago," Simon said. "Fortunately, it was just a clean-out and I should be back to doing everything in about two or three weeks."

Simon also answered questions about where he could possibly play in the NFL. During the Senior Bowl, coaches had moved him around so he was not just playing on the defensive line but as an outside linebacker as well

"I'll play wherever a team wants me," Simon said. "I feel like I'm very versatile and I feel like that can help me at the next level, helping a team in any way I can. So I feel like I can play multiple positions and that's something that will working in my advantage in the draft."

Simon said he personally believes he's fast enough to play multiple positions and he hopes he can show that in a couple weeks during the Ohio State Pro Day. He did add, though, that even if he is healthy enough to workout during the college's pro day, that he won't likely do the bench press due to the recent surgery.

Simon was also asked what intangible qualities a team can get from him if they were to use a draft pick to select him.

"They're going to get the hardest worker on their team," he said, "and a guy who's going to be loyal to the organization."

With so many teams moving to the 3-4 defense in the NFL, an important quality for many defensive ends to have is the ability to not only play as a traditional defensive end, but as an outside linebacker. Simon said because he played quite a bit as a standup defensive end at Ohio State, some teams have projected that he'll play outside linebacker in the NFL.

"The 3-4 is great,' he said. "I was projected, I think, by some teams as an outside linebacker in a 3-4. That's just a standup D-end, which I played a lot of at Ohio State so I do have experience in that position. I do definitely feel comfortable if a team wanted to put me in that position."

He then laughed and said he'll do whatever a coach wants him to.

Simon went on to discuss what he learned from Buckeye alum Mike Vrabel, who helped coach him at Ohio State. He said that regardless of who drafts him, he'll be a good teammate and promised to work hard and play to the whistle in all four quarters of every game. He also said that he had talked to most NFL teams, either while at the Senior Bowl or at the combine.

Simon finished his career at Ohio State as only the eighth two-time captain in team history and the first since James Laurinaitis in 2008. Head coach Urban Meyer constantly referred to Simon as the heart and soul of the 2012 Buckeyes. At the combine, it's clear that Simon is hoping to show NFL teams that he has much more than his athletic abilities to offer teams.

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