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Blaine Gabbert will face 'wide-open competition' for Jaguars starting quarterback

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Blaine Gabbert may not be the face of the Jaguars future, but he will still be involved in their plans heading into the 2013 season.

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Jaguars general manager David Caldwell is making it clear that the No. 1 quarterback spot on Jacksonville's depth chart is up for grabs heading into 2013. Blaine Gabbert will battle Chad Henne and another passer or two for the starting job, and it's anyone's game at this point.

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Caldwell didn't pick any favorites when he spoke about who will start at quarterback during the NFL Combine. "It's going to be a wide-open competition," he said. Henne helped the Jaguars passing game pick up the pace a bit after stepping in for the injured Gabbert last year, but the offense still struggled. Both quarterbacks will have a chance to make their case when training camp rolls around.

The Jaguars also intend to add depth at quarterback through the draft or free agency this offseason, as Caldwell noted.

Gabbert's short tenure in Jacksonville has been a disaster. In 25 games he's thrown 21 touchdowns and 17 interceptions with a 53.8 completion percentage. He only played 10 games in his second season, as he was placed on injured reserve after a loss to the Texans back in November.

While Jacksonville may not be convinced Gabbert can lead the team for years to come, it plans on giving him every chance to prove himself going forward.

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