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2013 NFL Combine results: Damontre Moore struggles with drills

Damontre Moore posted the fewest bench reps of any defensive linemen on Monday. His performance at Lucas Oil Stadium hasn't been impressive so far.


Texas A&M defensive end Damontre Moore is having a rough outing on Monday at the 2013 NFL Combine. The 20-year-old prospect posted just 12 reps in his bench press, ranking him dead last among all defensive linemen.

Mike Mayock chastised Moore's performance on NFL Network's coverage of the Combine, talking about his lack of strength. Twelve reps in the bench press will certainly leave a negative impression in scout's minds heading closer to the NFL Draft. Marquise Goodwin, the 5'9, 183-pound wideout, even finished with 13 reps. Only a handful of players benched fewer reps than Moore.

Moore also ran a 4.87 unofficial in the 40-yard dash, placing him among the middle of the field in his group. He pulled up short in his second try, possibly injuring his hamstring. Moore might be having the most unfortunate showing at the Combine so far.

Mocking the Draft has Moore going to the New York Jets with the No. 9 overall pick in the NFL Draft. Matthew Fairburn says he hasn't been impressed with Moore's strength, which would make sense now that we see his numbers.

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