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Super Bowl prop bets: What will Alicia Keys and Beyonce do next?

The game takes place on the field, but the best bets happen on the stage.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is the most important day in the football calendar for fans, but also the most important day for sports betters. Anybody can pick who will win, but if you're looking to gamble on whether the National Anthem will get booed -- we have you covered. These are some of the more bizarre proposition bets you can take part in on Sunday.

So maybe the player who scores the first touchdown is a little too pedestrian for you. Did you guess what color Gatorade will come out of the cooler in the post-victory shower? Well the folks over at Bovada have everything you could want to bet on, and more.

Will Alicia Keys be booed during or after her rendition of the US National Anthem?

Yes: +500

This is a tough one to judge. It would take a pretty monumental failure to get booed during the National Anthem, in fact it might take Rosanne Barr running on field, stealing the microphone, and yelping out her own strains of the anthem to rile up the crowd in New Orleans. There is one outside chance, however, and that's if Keys puts her own spin on the anthem. It's nice to hear an artist make a song their own (at least that's what American Idol tells us), but when they take the national anthem and try to change it up -- that's when things go bad.

How long will it take Alicia Keys to sing the US National Anthem?

Over 2 minutes 10 seconds: +120

Under 2 minutes 10 seconds: -160

Okay Bovada -- we see what you're getting at here. If the anthem is taking over two minutes, there's a good chance people will start getting a little antsy. What could tip it over the edge though?

Will Alicia Keys add at least 1 NEW word of the official US National Anthem?

Yes: +200

No: -300

Yup... that'll do it.

More of the best prop bets come on stage, rather than on the field. If you're looking to throw some dough on the table believing Joe Flacco will throw four interceptions, we'll let you -- but what about this gem?

What predominant color will Beyonce's top be at the beginning of the Super Bowl Halftime show?

Black: 9/4
Gold (Yellow): 5/2
Silver (Grey): 4/1
White: 5/1
Red: 13/2
Pink: 15/2
Orange: 12/1
Blue: 15/1
Green: 15/1

The obvious answer is chartreuse. I'm stunned that they haven't realized this yet and closed the loop -- it's a sure thing. In any event, the most curious wording in the wager is "beginning of the Super Bowl Halftime show". Wardrobe changes are to be expected, but I'd like to imagine this is a decision to mitigate for a possible wardrobe malfunction. We're long overdue for a good old fashioned, FCC scaring shirt slip.

It would be great to see Beyonce walk on the field dressed as a mascot -- that would really throw off the betting. Not a mascot perinent to the game, just a random mascot of some team from another sport; maybe this guy.

Too many prop bets, too little time. Whether it's on the field, or on the stage remember to bet responsibly -- and by that I mean put it all on chartreuse and let it roll! Also, don't add any words to the national anthem, no matter how many you've had on Sunday.