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Super Bowl halftime show 2013 live stream: CBS, providing coverage

If you're looking for a place to watch the Super Bowl halftime show streaming live, we found a few sources for you to take advantage of.

Christopher Polk

The time has come, the moment you've been waiting for all year long: the Super Bowl halftime show featuring Beyonce! Miss Knowles will be taking the stage at the Superdome soon, so you may be searching for a place to watch the live performance somewhere online. You're in luck.

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Multiple websites will be streaming the show live. CBS, the host of this year's Super Bowl, will provide all of the coverage online. You can watch the halftime show or the game in its entirety here. will also bring you live streaming throughout the game, including the lavish spectacle that is sure to be Beyonce's halftime display. Several mobile providers offer Super Bowl coverage as well, so be sure to check with your provider if you're looking for this option.

USA Today was kind enough to give us an all-inclusive, minute-by-minute breakdown of Beyonce's performance. If you're not really into watching the halftime show, but you still want to know all the details so you discuss it at work the next day and look cool, definitely bookmark that page.

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