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Super Bowl 2013 live stream: Watch live on CBS Sports

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Football fans unable to make it to a television on Sunday night will be able to stream Super Bowl XLVII live, thanks to CBS Sports.

Ronald Martinez

Super Bowl XLVII will kickoff on Sunday night, as the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers take the field for the final time this season to determine this year's NFL champion. Most fans will be able to watch the game on their television, but for those who can't, the Super Bowl can be streamed live online.

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Unlike any other NFL game, the Super Bowl will be streamed live online, at CBS Sports' official website, Fans can tune in via their computer or tablet, and view alternate camera angles live, as the 49ers and Ravens duke it out on Sunday night.

Verizon customers can watch the game live on their smartphones through the NFL Mobile app.

Televised coverage can be found on CBS, with Jim Nantz featured as the play-by-play announcer. As per usual, he'll be joined by Phil Simms, who will provide the color commentary for Super Bowl XLVII.

Kickoff between the Ravens and 49ers is set for 6:30 p.m. ET.