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Super Bowl odds: Point spread moves to 4 points

The Super Bowl odds finally moved late in the week, to -4 from -3.5. However one sportsbook was at -4 all week, anticipating the line would end up here befofe kickoff betwene the 49ers and Ravens.

Thearon W. Henderson

Two days ago, only one sportsbook had the 49ers as 4-point favorites, while everyone else held the line at -3.5.

As of Sunday morning, almost every sportsbook was there and one UK-based shop at -4.5.

"We had the line at -4 because we felt that's where the line would eventually settle and we were ahead of the curve a bit on that," said Kevin Bradley of Bovada. "We have evenly split action on both the 49ers and Ravens so we do not anticipate a move to -4.5 this late in the week."

Indeed Bovada has been sitting at -4 all along and late action on the 49ers has forced the hand at other Vegas and online sportsbooks which had the spread at -3.5 for nearly two weeks. [ Full matchup deals and picks ]

Unlike previous Super Bowls where the sportsbooks were in danger of a huge loss on Super Bowl bets, the 2013 edition of the game appears to be a safer situation. Some shops have some exposure to a Baltimore victory on the moneyline and some have a few big payouts to make on futures.

"We need the 49ers who would be a big winner for us," Bradley said earlier in the week about some 18/1 and 20/1 bets made early in the playoffs.

"And the Ravens ended up over the last couple week turning into a big potential loser for us."

Ladbrokes, a UK-based sportsbook, was the only one of 20 shops tracked by at -4.5 as of Sunday morning.

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