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Super Bowl prop bets: TV ratings, tweets and touchdowns (oh my)

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Sure, the game on the field is important, but the multitude of ridiculous prop bets associated with the Super Bowl can be just as entertaining, if not more so. Let's take a look at some prop bet choices this year, for entertainment purposes only, of course.


Super Bowl XLVII, pitting the San Francisco 49ers against the Baltimore Ravens, is just hours away. Football fans can pass the time prepping some must-have snacks, watching "Law & Order" marathons, or perhaps, perusing the list of prop bets associated with the big game to make tonight's action just a little more interesting.

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Sure, fans can keep it simple and simply bet on the point spread, but really, where is the fun in that. Super Bowl prop bets open the door to a whole new wild and wonderful way to lose money. Courtesy of our friends at OddsShark, here are just a few of the prop bets available for Super Bowl XLVII:

TV Ratings: Keeping it simple, will Super Bowl 47 top a 47 rating? If you wish to dive a bit deeper, you can also gamble on which team will have the higher local TV ratings. Haven't seen it yet, but perhaps a prop bet will also appear to see what sort of bump the broadcast gets during Beyonce's halftime performance.

Tweets: It's a brave new world of social interaction in 2013, so I guess it only makes sense you can now gamble on what the "highest tweet per second" count will be during the game. Of course, if something crazy occurs on Sunday evening in New Orleans, you can fully expect the twitter machine to break, so that might throw a wrench into this wager.

Touchdowns: This covers the gamut. You can of course bet on what team will score the first touchdown. Then throw some extra coin on the team that scored first winning/losing. You can bet on WHO will score that first touchdown. (As a FYI, Ray Lewis is 50/1 to score that first TD).

Coin Toss: If you're a traditionalist, this is a must. Betting on the coin toss is as American as apple pie.