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Super Bowl 2013 predictions: SB Nation picks the winner

We asked SB Nation's bloggers and staff for their Super Bowl picks.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There's only one question on our minds Sunday morning: How am I going to cook these wings? Fortunately, we have you covered there. A few of you are probably also wondering about who might win the Super Bowl. For that, we turned to our SB Nation bloggers and staff to offer predictions, because, obviously Internet sports workers have a second sense for these kinds of things ... or so we're told.

Kevin from The Phinsider:

Some people see a blow-out coming. Some people see this as potentially an extremely tight game. Either way, it should be entertaining. The Ravens are motivated and want this one more than the 49ers, who are motivated, and want this one. I love the build up for the Super Bowl. A bunch of people saying a bunch of stuff, then turning around and saying the exact opposite. The pistol formation will never work in the NFL, unless it works. These two weeks are great. In terms of the actual game, I think it's going to be a tight game. I think the Ravens having two weeks to at least game plan for the zone read will help them. But, in the end, I think it going to the 49ers. SF 31-24.

Neal from Behind the Steel Curtain:

Two defenses match each other fairly well, but Ravens push special teams advantage on 49ers, and a big play in the second half from MVP Ray Rice gives Baltimore a 27-21 victory.

Kevin from Hogs Haven:

The 49ers have all an all Pro Bowl offensive line and that's where games are won. I expect the Niners to pound Frank Gore and wear down the Ravens old D. In the second half youth takes over and the Niners blow the doors off the Ravens with Lamichael James and speed. Niners 21-10.

Dane from Windy City Gridiron:

A lot of folks are expecting a lot of points, but the defenses will dominate this game. I'll go with 17-13 San Francisco. Also, why is Phil SImms allowed?

Levi Damien from Silver and Black Pride

49ers win 24-20

Both teams match-up really well with fantastic defenses. Both offenses are on a tear as well. The difference I see is Colin Kaepernick. The Ravens have beaten some great offensive teams this postseason with Ray Lewis back in the lineup but Kaepernick provides a dynamic the Ravens did not see this postseason. The last time the Ravens faced a quarterback with the same threat to run and pass as Kaepernick was week two against Michael Vick and the Eagles and a four win Eagles team beat them 24-23. The Ravens also didn't face a team in the postseason with a defense anywhere near as good as the 49ers.

Matt Ufford:

It's great that Ray Lewis is a leader and all, but leadership won't help an old, slow middle linebacker catch Colin Kaepernick. The lesser team from the lesser conference will get exposed, and badly. 49ers 41, Ravens 20.

Joel Thorman from Arrowhead Pride:

Don't listen to Matt Ufford, AFC > NFC. Ed Reed will get his hands on one and you know he's gone once he does. Flacco's good for a few deep balls. Ravens 27, 49ers 24.

Ryan Hudson:

Since Mark Wahlberg was unsuccessful in stopping the Ravens, and since this doesn't really count as a matchup between the NFL's two best teams -- what with the Patriots not being healthy and all, as Matt Damon pointed out -- it's tough to be too excited for this Super Bowl. But go 49ers. San Francisco 34, Baltimore 21.

Spencer Hall:

Train's playing the pregame show. Everything else is an anticlimax after that.

Jon Bois:

This game will come down to which team is considerate, professional, and respectful of others' personal workspace. 49ers 28, Ravens 17.

Kevin McCauley:

Joe Flacco has the game of his life and throws four touchdown passes, including one in the final two minutes to complete a Ravens comeback victory. He gets his six-year, $120 million contract and the Ravens never win 10 games ever again.

Bill Hanstock:

San Francisco is the best city in America, but nothing good has ever happened to them when it comes to sports. They'll snap the insufferable world title drought on Sunday and finally bring a championship home to "The Windy City"! 49ers 28, Ravens 25.

David Fucillo of Niners Nation:

49ers claim Lombardi No. 6 with a 34-20 victory. The Ravens play at least one safety tight in the box against the run and it opens the door for a surprise appearance by Randy Moss on a deep touchdown pass.

Mike Rutherford:

More like Ted Winn Jr. -- 49ers, 27-20.

Kurt Mensching:

Two Harbaughs enter, but only one leaves a champion. John by a touchdown.

Steve Goldman:

When the clock reads 00:00 it will be baseball season again. Which team is leading at that point is unimportant.

Mike Prada:

Ray Lewis will look very silly trying to defend the read-option. 49ers 31, Ravens 17

Matt Watson, Michigan Man:

John Harbaugh, who attended Ann Arbor Pioneer High School in the shadow of the Big House, once again suffers the chill of standing close to greatness without feeling its warmth. Brother Jim, channeling the lessons learned at the knee of Glenn Edward Schembechler, Jr., shows no mercy while leading the 49ers to victory, 42-10. A Michigan man shrugs off the bonds of familial ties when a championship is on the line.

Jason Kirk:

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Niners win.

Tyler Bleszinski:

I'm going to say 49ers, 27-21, only because I entered a squares pool with Mile High Report blogger John Bena and I have 48. Plus Fooch is an A's fan and I want both his teams to win championships in 2013.

Justin Bopp:

49ers, 35-17. While it won't really be close, everyone will pretend it was either a punt or INT return that cemented the game. I'm rooting for Gore + Kap + Crabs personally.

Clay Wendler:

I don't like Baltimore's offense against SF's defense at all. That will provide enough opportunity for Kaepernick to make a couple of plays to win the game in the end. 49ers 24, Ravens 13

Jack Randall from, lines provider to SBNation;

I’m seeing 45-21, which would be great news for OVER bettors as well. Let’s say 31-7 at halftime. Mainly, we don’t buy the Ravens team-of-destiny baloney and we don’t think their allegedly vaunted defense will lay a finger on Colin Kaepernick all day." The OddsShark Super Computer predicts a 30-25 final – both would be 49ers and OVER result.

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