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Tim Tebow trade rumors: Jets still hope to trade backup QB

Even though it's Super Bowl Sunday and Tim Tebow can't get in without a ticket, he's still in the news.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

According to Adam Schefter of, the New York Jets are still trying to trade quarterback Tim Tebow instead of just outright releasing him.

New York has salary cap issues and would get minor relief if it could move Tebow for a low draft pick. The backup quarterback isn't generating much interest on the market, much in part because the Jets refused to use him.

Tebow has minimal value as a quarterback who really struggles to throw the ball. On top of that, Tebow brings the media circus with him, something most teams would likely want to avoid at all costs.

With Mike Tannenbaum now out as general manager and John Idzik coming in to replace him, there will be turnover for Gang Green. As New York tries to resurrect Mark Sanchez's career, the first step is to jettison Tebow somewhere if it can find a partner.

Teams will likely wait the Jets out, knowing there is a good chance Tebow will eventually be released.