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Super Bowl commercials 2013: Jimmy Fallon, Lincoln let tweets write car commercial for big game

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Tweets with the #SteertheScript hashtag tweeted at Jimmy Fallon inspire Lincoln's 90-second bit for the MKZ. Guest appearances from Rev Run, Wil Wheaton and some alpacas.

Neilson Barnard

Alpacalypses, turtles and low-budget space alien adventure films — all brought to the screen courtesy of the imagination of Twitter users — helped Lincoln compose their 2013 Super Bowl commercial, using crowd sourcing to create an odd adventure for two people driving the Lincoln MKZ.

Lincoln teamed with Jimmy Fallon to help curate five tweets from users using the #SteertheScript hashtag to bring together some strange story ideas that start with a woman on her way to "someone else's wedding" picking up a German hitchhiker with a shared interest in sweaters.

After stopping for alpacas, turtles and a biker gang, they interrupt a film crew working on an alien adventure flick, with Wil Wheaton holding the marker sign, for some reason. Finally, they make it to the wedding, where Rev Run is officiating the ceremony and the two drive off, with an alpaca in the back seat.

Clearly, Lincoln wanted to hop on the crowd-sourcing bandwagon that has become so popular in recent years, most notably by Doritos.

Oddly, Fallon never makes an appearance in the 90-second bit, and it all seems a bit forced, but it's another in a long line of interesting new ideas for Super Bowl commercials.