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Super Bowl 2013 halftime show prop bet: Will Jay-Z join Beyonce?

Another fun Super Bowl bet involving a power couple in Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Ronald Martinez

Nothing is more fun than gambling on a crazy Super Bowl prop bet, unless it's feeding some kind of addiction. Then it's probably high time to pump the brakes.

This year is no different as we eagerly await Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

However, if you're in it for some fun with friends, we have another prop bet that you can enjoy during the halftime show. According to RJ Bell, the odds on Jay-Z joining Beyonce up on stage during the entertainment are nearly 50 percent on

Earlier in week, Beyonce offered no comment on Jay-Z rumors, saying nothing about the notion.

Of course, Beyonce is Jay-Z's wife, so that always adds to the chances that the hip-hop mogul will show up and surprise the capacity crowd.

Plus, Jay-Z is in New Orleans, as he performed in the pregame party with Justin Timberlake, he of the famous halftime show that involved Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction.