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Super Bowl 2013 pregame: Roger Goodell talks player safety on Face the Nation

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Nobody is under more of a microscope than Roger Goodell as the NFL answers safety questions.

Doug Pensinger

The NFL is under all kinds of scrutiny in recent times, ranging from concussions to player safety on the field.

The commissioner, Roger Goodell, is trying to quell some fears of players and fans alike while searching for answers to these many issues.

Goodell talked about all of this on Face Of The Nation Sunday morning alongside commentators Phil Simms (who played quarterback for the New York Giants between 1979-1993) and Jim Nantz. Goodell acknowledged the sport is dangerous, but also affirmed his belief in its viability going forward.

"Absolutely. I couldn't be more optimistic about it," Goodell said when asked if the NFL would exist in 30 years. "The game of football always evolves. Throughout the decades we've always made changes to our game to make it safer for the players and more exciting for the fans."

Of course, the 30 years part of that comment stems from what Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard stated earlier in the week, saying he believed the game would not exist by that point.

Another interesting moment was Goodell refusing to say there was a link between concussions and football.

"That's why we're investing in the research," Goodell said when Schieffer asked him if he acknowledges the connection. "So we can answer the question -- what is the link? What causes the injuries some of our players are dealing with?"

With the Super Bowl and subsequently the 2012-13 season about to be in the books, much of the conversation will turn to safety in the offseason.