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Super Bowl 2013 coin toss result: Ravens won the toss

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The Ravens won the coin toss in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday.

Mike Ehrmann

As chance would have it, there were 50-50 odds the Baltimore Ravens would win the coin toss against the San Francisco 49ers to begin Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday. When the toss fell, the Ravens won with a call of heads and elected to defer.

The coin toss odds were split evenly at -105 coming into the day -- obviously, a result of heads or tails is equally likely. But what isn't equal is the recent history of winning the coin toss.

Until the New England Patriots won the coin toss for the AFC last year, the NFC had won the coin toss 14 seasons in a row. Furthermore, a "heads" call has won the coin toss in the past four years.

More importantly, perhaps, is that the Papa John's-sponsored toss gave a number of lucky fans free pizza. Fans voted for heads or tails to win leading into the coin toss, and selecting the winning call netted them a free large pizza.