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Super Bowl 2013 Picks: Point Spread and Prop Predictions

Everyone has a Super Bowl pick (or 10) and we are no different, except that our predictions just might come through. Check out the Odds Shark Super Bowl picks on the point spread and props.

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The Super Bowl point spread has settled at -4 and it wouldn't matter if it were -7 or even -10. handicappers see the San Francisco 49ers routing the Baltimore Ravens at Super Bowl XLVII and happily give the four points.

Point Spread
Expect a huge lead at halftime and a cruise control victory for the 49ers.

Super Bowl MVP
Since the winning QB is 5-1 in the past six Super Bowls and since we peg the 49ers as the victor, we like the odds on Colin Kaepernick winning the Super Bowl MVP. His most recent MVP line at Bovada was 8/5.


The super computer picks 30-25. The handicapping team picks a huge OVER.

"I'm seeing 45-21, which would be great news for OVER bettors as well. Let's say 31-7 at halftime," said Jack Randall of, the lines partner at [ Full matchup deals and picks ]

Coin Toss
Heads has come up four straight times. Never in the history of the Super Bowl has there been a five-toss win streak. So with apologies to everyone who has lectured us on probability, we see tails coming up guaranteed.

Wall Street up or down: Up -140
Legend (and some fluky stats) suggests an NFC win signals growth while an AFC win points to a stock market decline. In the 41 years where the ‘Super Bowl Indicator' was tracked, it's 33-8. Solid trend or fluky statistic? We see the market up either way.

Joe Flacco passing attempts
If the Ravens get blown out early, it will lead to a pass-happy Joe Flacco. Over 34.5 seems like a lock if our scenario happens as predicted.

Ray Rice rushing attempts
See above. The Ravens can't run if they are way behind. We would play under 17.5 all day long here.

Bovada was sitting at -4 all week and every other sportsbook joined them late in the week with late action on the 49ers.

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