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Buffalo wings Super Bowl debate: Bone-in, boneless? Ranch, blue cheese?

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The never-ending buffalo wings debate continues.

Chris Graythen

One of the time-honored traditions of watching football, aside from beer, is having wings. Wings are one of the most simple and delicious foods you can have while watching a sporting event, but there always seems to be a debate surrounding the wings themselves and what you should dip them in.

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Should you get bone-in wings or boneless wings? Should you get them with ranch or blue cheese?

The answers to these questions are simple.

First of all, order bone-in wings because you're an adult. "Boneless buffalo wings" is just code for "chicken nuggets." You're not eight years old anymore, people; you order your meat with the bone intact. You get more actual chicken meat this way, you don't eat a pile of breading, it's healthier for you and that's what you should think about when eating wings.

As for the dipping component of your wings, you should always choose blue cheese because that's just how it's done. Ranch is terrible for wings and should be reserved for unhealthy salads only. Not only that, but buffalo wings originated with blue cheese, so why did ranch even come into this equation?

If you like ranch with your boneless buffalo wings, you probably put ketchup on a well-done steak, don't you?