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Puppy Bowl 2013 MVP: Marta takes home the trophy

We saw goal-line stands. We saw big drama. We touchdowns scored by diminutive and large dogs alike. We even saw poop! After all that, we met our MVP: Marta

Animal Planet

Marta may not have been the biggest pup on the big stage that is the Puppy Bowl, but she showed that the size on the outside is no indication of the heart on the inside. For a courageous run to the end zone in the first half, she was named MVP of Puppy Bowl IX.

Brothers Eli and Tuck, as well as fellow females Sally and Aurora, were also nominated for the laurel.


Of course it wasn't just her size or score that helped win over the hardened hearts of the voters: Marta brought even the driest eyes a tear with this touchdown celebration.

Eat your heart out, Ian Johnson.

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