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Super Bowl 2013 lights go out: Superdome, like scoreboard, goes black

Jim Harbaugh's anger and the power of Beyonce have combined to black out half of the Superdome.



The Baltimore Ravens are smashing the San Francisco 49ers, 28-6, early in the third quarter of Super Bowl 47. The damage is so extensive that half of the Superdome's lights just went out, with CBS' audio going down with it. Sadly for the Niners, the scoreboard losing power does not mean it resets at 0-0.

We'll reportedly have about a 15-minute delay.

We are living in a world in which we got to hear Beyonce during the Super Bowl and briefly, oh so briefly, got a reprieve from having to listen to Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. This is the greatest Super Bowl ever.

One view from CBS' cameras showed half of the lights vanish right as a play was about to commence. Ravens fans reveled in the darkness, doing their White Stripes chant with even more obnoxious fervor than ever. This game is awesome.

No word yet on exactly what happened, but of course the mind can't help but blame either Bane or that movie from the 1970s with the blimp crashing into the stadium during the Super Bowl. Remember that one?