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Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco thanks no one, because he is Joe Flacco

The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl because of a team performance, but Joe Flacco won the Super Bowl MVP because of how awesome he is.


Joe Flacco just won the Super Bowl XLVII MVP trophy, leading the Baltimore Ravens to a 34-31 win over the San Francisco 49ers. One of the more hilarious prop bets every year is who the MVP thanks when Jim Nantz, or whoever, passes him the mic.

This year, Flacco thanked ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, a fantastically arrogant move, winning all the degenerate gamblers out there money to the tune of 8/5. Since he just won a Super Bowl, a Super Bowl MVP award and a contract that will pay him nine-figures, you really can't tell him anything.

Perhaps because Ray Lewis was an early favorite for the MVP trophy, at least from a symbolic sense, God was the favorite at 3/2 odds. Since the Super Bowl isn't exactly the Oscars, just below God on Bovada for this particular prop bet was thanking no one, which Joe Flacco did, at 8/5 odds. After that it was the teammates at 9/5 and the coach at 12/1.