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Super Bowl 2013 score: Ravens take safety to kill clock, lead 49ers 34-31

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John Harbaugh used an interesting strategy to take time off the clock.

The Baltimore Ravens deployed an intentional safety to kill the clock and lead the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 with four seconds to go.

After three run plays got stuffed, the Ravens faced 4th down from their own 5-yard line. With just 11 seconds left in the game, punter Sam Cook took the snap in his own end zone and ran around for as look as he could before being forced out of bounds. It's an interesting strategy, to say the least. By taking the points, the Ravens melted as much time off the clock as they could, to not give Colin Kaepernick enough time to lead a game-winning drive.

The strategy worked, as the Niners couldn't score a miracle touchdown return on the free kick. The Ravens would end up winning their second Super Bowl title in franchise history.