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Ray Lewis mentions his deity only once in post-Super Bowl interview

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One of the best Super Bowl prop bets in 2013 featured an over/under on the number of times Ray Lewis would mention his deity in his post-game interview. He hit the under.

Ezra Shaw

Ray Lewis likes to thank his deity for his and his football team's accomplishments on a frequent basis, which is neither a bad thing or a unique thing. There are a vast array of professional athletes who begin and end interviews by proclaiming that the religious figure they worship is the most important thing in their lives. Ray's been saying it a lot lately, however, prompting a fantastic prop bet.

The over/under on the number of times Lewis would mention either "God" or "the Lord" was set at three, with the over favored at -135. Unfortunately for those who bet on the over, Jim Nantz had to rush through his post-game interviews due to the third quarter power outage that caused the game to run long. With less than a minute on camera, Ray Lewis thanked his God for his accomplishments just one time.

Sorry, degenerate gamblers. It's not your fault. It's Beyonce's fault for pissing off the lights by not singing "Say My Name" or going through with the rumored Jay-Z cameo during the halftime show.