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Don't rule out Ed Reed's return to Ravens, says Ozzie Newsome

There will be plenty of teams seeking the veteran safety's services this offseason, but the Ravens like their odds of bringing Ed Reed back.


Ed Reed just won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens, but he might be seeking to repeat with another team next season. That's been the general feeling as there seems to be plenty of landing spots for Reed, including the Colts and the Patriots. There are reasons that the move to those teams would make sense, but Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome says "not so fast" on predicting Reed's departure from Baltimore.

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The key focus for Newsome in the offseason will likely be locking his quarterback Joe Flacco into a long-term deal, but doing the same for Reed seems to be high on his list of priorities. Newsome believes Reed wants to come back to the Ravens, according to ESPN:

"I think he realizes there may be some other options out there, but I think if you watched him, if you watched his body language over the course of the last eight to 10 days that he loves being here in Baltimore," Newsome said Thursday. "And I think we can use that to help make that relationship last a little bit longer."

At 34, Reed's skills are diminishing, and Newsome indicated that the veteran would not receive a franchise tag, but the Ravens would be looking at a multi-year deal for the safety. The Colts, with former Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano at head coach, are among the league leaders in cap space this offseason and would likely be able to offer Reed more money. That will test just how much Reed wants to stay in Baltimore for what will likely be his last long-term contract as a professional.