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Solved! The Mysteries of Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is in fact human, all too human.

Jim Rogash

Bill Belichick is programmed for only a few things, coaching football, evaluating talent and mentoring Tom Brady. These things actually may stem from his secret origin as a sparring partner for Naval Academy midshipmen woefully unprepared to face the Viet Cong at the time. Turns out Robot Bill has other functions; lovin' is among them.

How do we know that there is a real human side to Bill Belichick? His girlfriend told us, by using her Twitter account to answer fan questions on behalf of the coach.

A sampling of Bill's tender side ...

He listens to what the kids are listening to.

He might be sucking up for a job at the NFL Network someday. Also, he's always had an Achilles heel when it comes to spotting receiving talent.

Pronounced Cafe-D-Artz.

Brown, but only because former Yugoslavian dictator Josip Tito never coached football.


Fact: He taught Tom Brady to stand up in the pocket by throwing partially chewed Junior Mints at him. It was delicious.

He threw in a male grooming tip for the stylish fans too.

Josh McDaniels is the family videographer.

Unfortunately, Bill cut it off after a dozen or so questions, but the damage was done. We know now that under the hoodie and pleated khakis beats the heart of man.

H/t to Will Brinson at CBS